Thanks to our interior designers, you no longer need to visit numerous suppliers to make your custom built home your masterpiece. Our design team has a pre sales consultation with yourselves to find out what your dream design and lifestyle would be. Then all of your home’s finishings – from flooring to countertops – are researched and various design schemes and alternatives best suited to your taste are selected by our designers and brought to you to review. Then you will select amongst the best suited matches right in our show homes. This design process saves you time, assures you a visually stunning home and gets you moved in to your new home sooner, and without costly changes and mistakes.

Building a custom home from your set of plans or one of our plans is a big part of what we do. We will also work with you along with our design team to design the perfect home for your lot.

Building energy efficient homes is one of our top priorities! – it’s one area that makes us truly unique from our competition. We endeavor to build the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient houses that are financially feasible to our clients. We are very proud to be certified Energy Star builders!

This is a very common question. The answer to that is no, but if you do that’s fine too. You can pick from one of our amazing plans from our plan portfolio or you can use our award winning design team to work with you to design a custom home that is unique and custom to you and your family’s needs.

Changes and revisions can be made during the design process; however, all the decisions are made prior to construction with our design team to avoid confusion among trades and our superintendents. We work with you when making decisions because we understand that building a new home can be a very stressful time for you, we like to make it as stress free as we can possibly can.

Every M.A.Homes’ home has time included with an interior designer to help you along the way with every finish you need to decide on. Our process makes your life very easy, from the selection of your kitchen cabinets, to your floors, to your fixtures you choose in your bathrooms, our personal designer is there to help you.

The answer to this question is about more than the latest colors and styles of cabinets, appliances, floorings and trims. Sure, it’s great to have everything new and to make these choices yourself, rather than settling for someone else’s taste, but there are many other benefits to building a new home. Thanks to the improved construction techniques and materials that are available today, it is more exciting than ever to build a new home. New technology in heating and air conditioning systems, types of insulation and even plumbing fixtures provide new homes with energy efficiency that can’t be matched by homes built in the past. Products such as flooring, siding, and exterior trim require less maintenance and last longer. This is truly a benefit for today’s busy homeowners. High tech features like Category 5 wiring and multiple cable and phone jacks put new homes on the information highway without expensive retrofitting.

Consider how different our lives are from generations past and you’ll see that the designs of new homes offer clear benefits for today’s families, with generous storage space, more bathrooms, larger family rooms and kitchens. Often newly built neighborhoods have newer amenities, like schools, parks and recreational facilities for everyone’s enjoyment.

M.A. Homes offers a quality product at an excellent price, a winning combination that offers superior value for our buyers. Of course many buyers claim to offer value, but M.A. Homes has an efficient system in place to ensure it. It provides a method to analyze every component of a home to determine what elements add to the home’s value and what can be eliminated or be scaled back.

The M.A. Homes sales staff can put you in contact with an experienced, professional Realtor® who can assist with the sale of your home. M.A. Homes receives no referral fee from these professionals; rather, we select those who have a strong history of successful sales.

Every nook and cranny! Before you take possession of your new home, you will attend an orientation conducted by a member of M.A. Homes construction staff. You will tour the entire home, and have an understanding of each component-heating, cooling, appliances, windows, cabinets, flooring, electrical and plumbing systems, and more. You will receive information about operation, maintenance and warranties. This is your opportunity to have all your questions answered. But don’t worry about taking it all in-you’ll get it all in writing, and our customer service representatives are always available to answer questions as they come up.

Only you can make the final decision, but an M.A. Homes professional Sales Representative can make it a lot easier by providing the information you need to make an informed decision. Our free, no obligation analysis can compare the actual costs of renting vs. buying; show you how building equity can be the best start for a secure financial future. Call today to make an appointment with a Sales Representative at the Sunlight community of your choice.

  • Customer focus, commitment and service
  • Reliability
  • Product and Design
  • Value

M.A. Homes is a registered builder with the Tarion Warranty Corporation. Among our many achievements, we have maintained the highest rating of excellence since our inception.

We build a variety of homes to suit our homeowners’ needs and have a large supply of plans that include bungalows, split levels, two-storey, back splits and walkouts. You name it – we can build it!

M.A. Homes is proud of its working relationship with a number of financial institutions and will be happy to assist you with your financing if requested. In addition often the institutions we work with offer M.A. Homes’ customers preferred rates with prolonged commitment periods to accommodate construction time frames. Please ask your Sales Associate for details.

Depending upon the community you are considering a model home may be available for you to view. From time to time as we progress through our New Home Sites or as we move from a completed site to a new one a model home may not be available for viewing. Please contact our Sales Associate to determine if this is the case as you prepare to make your decisions. In addition we may be able to offer you an opportunity to view a home already under construction. However, due to insurance and Health and Safety Regulations we must insist that you are accompanied by a M.A. Homes representative and that all Health and Safety requirements are adhered to.

Due to Insurance and Health and Safety Regulations all site visits must be pre-arranged with a M.A. Homes representative. Green tab Steel toed work boots and Hard Hat must be worn at all times. In addition to this being for your safety we are also available to answer any questions as they arise.

By all means feel free to take photos either from the street or when visiting the site accompanied by your M.A. Homes Representative.

By taking the appropriate measures, we can most certainly build in the winter.

Selecting a builder is one of your most important tasks. While there is no foolproof way of making the right decision, ultimately, it comes down to trust… a gut feeling. Do not get involved with a home builder you do not trust, regardless of how attractive the price is. You want someone with experience, competence, service, and value for your money. Referrals are good, but they can be misleading as some of those people providing the referrals may not know a good job from a bad one. It is best to visit some previous projects, and to see the workmanship first hand. Ask questions of past clients and don’t be shy. This is your hard earned money at stake.

Design-build firms (such as M.A. Homes) offer greater participation in the design and planning process for you, the owner. One firm provides both design and construction which means you enjoy superior continuity of service, clear communication and accountability with one company. The combined design and construction experience of a professional working team provides you with efficiency, fewer surprises, a project that fits your budget, and a positive, rewarding experience.

The design process time is determined by a variety of factors including but not limited to the size and type of project, its architectural and structural complexity, the level of finish, and the ability of the client to make time efficient decisions. Generally speaking, for interior renovations, we will work through preliminary design in one or two months. For one and two story additions, the time might run two to three months and for new custom homes additional time may be needed.

Overruns are the amounts spent building your custom home or renovating your house that go beyond the original budget. This might include changes, additional work, low estimates, or unforeseen conditions. It is always good to start a construction project with a contingency. It is rare that a residential construction project doesn’t go over budget. Changes and additional work can be kept to a minimum by fully understanding what you are building before you start.

If you can’t read plans, then have the architect or builder explain to you everything that is on the plans. Once you have accepted the design then you have to maintain the discipline to enforce the budget. You can always make the house nicer; but that costs money.

It’s difficult to quote a price per square foot because M.A.Homes builds a variety of homes. Price is affected by a number of variables, including the type of construction, energy efficiency rating, construction type (framed, insulated concrete form), style, exterior finishes, interior finishes, fixtures, energy choices, geographical location, etc.