“To say our initial encounter was rocky is an understatement.  However, Emil Toma, the principal of M.A. Homes won us over. The home we purchased and built by M.A. Homes is spectacular.  It is hard to believe that this house was not a custom built home and that we did not supervise every aspect of its construction.  The home is fabulously designed and extraordinarily well-built.  Having said all of that, this is actually not the most important aspect of dealing with M.A Homes.  What’s more outstanding is the quality of service and responsiveness of M.A. Homes and particularly Emil.

Emil was and continues to be fully available and responsive and is a great pleasure to deal with.  We tend to be very meticulous and demanding.  No call and no request was too small or too mundane.  In short, Emil is a great person and we have become friends with both him and his wife.

We rarely give testimonials but we would give Emil and M.A. Homes our strongest recommendation.”

— Jen & Rubin, Toronto


“It is common in our neighbourhood to have multiple new home builds on a street at any given time. We hear horror story after horror story from friends and neighbours about the “builder next door”. We regularly hear stories about damage to adjacent homes and unsafe garbage filled building sites. Builders with no regard for effect a build process can have on a neighbour and the value of the neighbourhood homes seem to be common themes for the many projects in the neighbourhood.

MA Homes purchased the house next door to ours. We expected similar frustrations typically experienced when a build project starts next door to your home.  Emil came and introduced himself and we discussed his build process and how it would affect our home. Emil went far beyond our expectations and kept every promise he made. He made sure the design of his new builds worked well with our house resulting in an increase in value for our property. His subcontractors were courteous and we had little inconvenience. The site was always kept clean and MA went as far as to erect 10ft hoarding to make sure my young children were never in danger. The finished homes are beautiful. Anyone looking for a builder with integrity and pride in craftsmanship would not be disappointed with Emil and MA Homes.”

— Tim – St.Germain Ave., Toronto


“After finalizing the design of our new home, my wife and I interviewed and obtained proposals from a number of builders.  We decided that MA Homes would be the best choice to transform lines on paper into our dream home.  Emil, MAH’s principal reviewed our initial drawings and made a number of design and scope suggestions that optimized our home’s function.  The construction progressed very smoothly and it was so exciting for us to watch how professionally and efficiently our home was becoming a reality.  Emil and his staff coordinated subcontractors, suppliers, municipal inspectors so that there were no delays to our schedule.  We were very pleased with the assistance we received from MAH’s interior design service which provided colour schemes, samples and suggestions for our home’s finishes.  MAH’s friendly service team also was very prompt to address any issues that arose after we moved in.   Thanks Emil!”

— Vince and Silvana – Toronto


“We purchased a home built by M.A. Homes 3 years ago.  We loved the layout and flow of the house, as well as the upgraded trim and crown mouldings.  After we moved in we had a few minor issues with the house that needed repair/completion.  Emil at M.A. Homes has always been very quick to respond to our phone calls and emails.  The post-purchase service has been exemplary.  We love our home and would recommend M.A. Homes to anyone looking to purchase or build their dream home.”

— Joan & George, Toronto

“It has been a pleasure knowing Emil and his team at Madison homes, in the two years that we have own our property Madison Avenue homes has always pick up the phone and called us back for anything! Being somewhat in the same field of work I now how hard it’s to keep everyone happy!  I would recommend M.A.H to anyone with full confidence!”

— Souto Family, Toronto


“It’s been about 4 years since I met Emil and the team at Madison Avenue Homes. Over the years I have watched this talented group grow. MA is a spectacular custom home builder. They have a sense of the needs of the buyer, and the ability to provide them exactly what they are wanting. Quality, workmanship and professionalism is without a doubt a combination this company possesses. However, the most important quality in looking for a builder in my opinion is trust.  Emil has always been a trustworthy and most honest businessman. I would not hesitate to offer MA Homes to any of my clients.”

— Suzy Goldstein


“I had the adventure and the pleasure of turning an old, tired home on a magnificent ravine lot, into my dream home, thanks to Emil. We changed every aspect of the home including the floors, 5 bathrooms, the kitchen. We moved walls, added a huge amount of storage and room-dividing fireplace and as the grand finale, we added an elevated 80 foot deck that is built above the pool and overlooks a Muskoka-like backyard. I believe that changing the home was far more difficult than building a new one, and Emil delivered on time and on budget our country home in the city. It is the envy of all our friends and our piece of paradise. Thanks Emil.”

— Anna, Toronto


“This is a company that I have been truly proud to work with, and know that their name and brand have become synonymous with the utmost quality and superb workmanship. I have many client’s that years after moving into a home built by M.A. are still raving about the relationship and customer service they continue to receive.”

— Adam Weiner – Sales Representative,  Harvey Kalles Real Estate

“My Wife and I purchased a home built by MA Homes and are coming up to a year since we moved in. I can honestly say that we are now living in our dream home! Our builder Emil president of MA Homes helped us to design our home to suit our needs. The wine cellar and theatre rooms are state of the art and I have even had other builders ask me who did this work as they were so impressed. The after sales service has been impeccable. We had such a bad experience with our first home and service and we were reluctant to buy new again. Emil really changed all that by showing us that some builders do care!”

— Carl, Toronto, Ont


“As an exclusive Spray Foam Contractor for MA Homes we see the ultimate value in ensuring quality workmanship. MA Homes strives to be the best custom home builder in the GTA and as a Spray Foam Insulator we strive to ensure we work with clients that want premium services. M.A. Homes does not cut any corner in their workmanship and their sites are kept organized and clean. It would be without any hesitation that any member of my team would recommend MA Homes as their exclusive custom home builder.

— Foamism Inc.